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  • HOUSEWARE EXPO. SPRING 2012" exhibitiors' comments

    PLASTMASICH, tableware and household goods producer
    Mamykin K.V. - deputy marketing director:

    - The level of the exhibition organization was very high. The interest in our company was remarkable, visitors liked our goods. Buyers came from all over Russia. Our aim, to draw new clients, was successfully reached. We will participate in the next exhibition.

    LUMGRAND, gift, souvenir, vases, flower ceramics wholesale trade
    Antonov V. E. - senior manager:

    - The exhibition has left a good impression: excellent organization, prestigious exhibition complex, very colorful atmosphere, fresh air and good mood. Because the exhibition is a specialized one, the exhibitors are also specialized and the trade visitors are diverse. Both store managers and retail customers have visited our stand. Geography is very wide: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. We are planning to participate in next fair.

    KISLOVODSK PORCELAIN FACTORY FENIX, decorative hand made porcelain producer
    Gubareva T.B- advertising department:

    - We are very satisfied with the work of the exhibition organizers during the preparation period. Here wed like to mark our manager, Tamara Vornikova. Early in the arrival day morning our stand was ready. That was excellent. The exhibition visitors are specialists in different spheres from different cities from Saint-Petersburg to Vladivostok. I wish luck to organizers! Keep up the good work!

    PORCELAIN IMPERIA MONEMA, high-level porcelain production
    Agabanyan A. director:

    - The exhibition was excellent, we liked everything! Rather high level of exhibition goods was presented. The only wish is to invite to participate more porcelain producers. We are planning to participate in the exhibition GIFTS EXPO the salon "TABLEWARE & DINING DECOR".

    SACHERA-NEO, unique cosmetic production
    Volodin V. - director:

    - Impressions of the exhibition are very good! There were a lot of buyers and representatives of trade nets: 50% of them were from Moscow and 50% - from regions of Russian Federation. We are planning to participate in autumn fair, because organization of the fair was at high level!

    TAJ MAHAL, wholesale of souvenirs, gifts, home decoration from India
    Fomina O. A. - the general manager:

    - The exhibition was good. The convenient arrangement of the exhibition, the wide product range both high and middle price category makes the exhibition interesting for participants and buyers. There are a lot of trade visitors of different specializations. We found a lot of clients and customers at the fair. GIFTS EXPO is the leading exhibition. The latest achievements and trends are shown here, thats why experts come to find out whats new in the world of gifts.

    RUSTIME, production, wholesale of wall clocks, house textiles
    Tavpeka A. - the representative of the company:

    - The exhibition made the most favorable impression on us. There were a lot of different production. There were a lot of buyers: from Moscow - 15%, from regions - 80%, from the CIS and other countries 5%. We are planning to participate at the following fair.

    DOM SVECHEI, home aroma, home and garden decorations wholesale and retail trade
    Gerasimov A.L. - deputy chief executive officer:

    - The scheme producer-supplier-customer is well debugged in the exhibition. The leaders in our sphere were among exhibitors and visitors. The exhibition has left a good impression. As usual there was excellent organization. Managers reacted rapidly and helped to solve different problems. A lot of buyers visited our stand: 60% of them were from the regions and 40% were from Moscow.

    MEDTEHNOCOM, wholesale of massage chairs, masseurs for a body
    Koskov A. head of regional development department:

    - The organization of exhibition was at high level, the wide range of the goods were presented. There were many buyers: 60% are from Moscow, 30% - from regions, 10% - from the CIS and other countries. We will participate at HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2012.


    LAMAGIK (Spain), exclusive hand made dolls and elves production
    Amelie Dias export manager:

    - Generally we liked the exhibition very much! An excellent organization! The trade visitors are our target audience, professionals. There were a lot of buyers from other cities and even countries. We will come to participate in the GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2012. Good luck! See you in September!

    AMEL.LV (Latvia), gifts production
    Anda Barke - chief executor officer:

    - The distinguishing feature of the exhibition is high level of service and organization. The exhibition complex is very beautiful and clean. Among trade visitors there were different kinds of representatives of souvenir market: retailers, wholesalers, store managers and corporate customers. We hope for excellent results. Keep up the good work!

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