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    IMPERIAL PORCELAIN, the producer of porcelain
    Volkov A. - representative of the company:

    - The Imperial Porcelain Factory was founded in 1744. This is the most famous brand of porcelain factories in Russia and one of the oldest brands in the world. Our purpose is to be number one not only in Russia but also in Europe. “GIFTS EXPO” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO” is a serious instrument for business. Here we can find partners who will distribute our production and create partnerships stores. That’s why our purpose here is to find new customers. We are suppliers of the Kremlin and the Railways, we are working with corporate clients from Lukoil and Gazprom. The Imperial Porcelain Factory gift it is fashionable, prestigious and valuable!

    CHEKHPOSUDA, the producer of porcelain
    Novakova I. - representative of the factory in the Czech Republic:

    - Our company has been producing traditional Czech pink porcelain, we have two own factories in the Czech Republic. We keep produce traditional handmade porcelain. The exhibition is a place where you can meet directly with potential customers, to communicate with them and find out their interests. “GIFTS EXPO” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” is a very high attendance, that’s why our purpose is to find new partners and show our new products.

    DYATKOVSY CRYSTAL, the producer of crystal
    Androsova N. A. – general sales manager:

    - We have been producing the crystals for more than 220 years. The impression of fair is good. We noted the high attendance of clients, there are many wholesalers and directors of stores. The level of visitors is quite high, mainly it’s specialists: 70% - from regions, 30% - from Moscow and Moscow region.

    LUMGRAND, tableware, gifts, interior decorations
    Antonov V. V. - representative of the company:

    - The visitors of “GIFTS EXPO” are very interested in our company, they like our products, our exposition. “GIFTS EXPO” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” - it's interesting all the time! Specialists are waiting for this fair and come from all over Russia, because it is always beautiful, colorful and a wide assortment of goods is presented. The main benefit of participation in the fair is to attract new customers.

    INYKS CERAMICS, the producer of ceramics
    Lisitcin A. K. - representative of the company:

    - We have very good impression about “GIFTS EXPO”. We admit many visitors. The level of professionalism of visitors is high. We are planning to participate in spring 2012.

    BIBIHOUSE, glass, porcelain, crystal
    Bagatov S. G. - director:

    The fair was good. Visitors arrived from all over Russia, many visitors were from regions. The level of professionalism of visitors is high, among them there are buyers, wholesalers, owners of specialized stores.

    KYSTODIA, the producer of ceramics
    Zaitseva - deputy director:

    The impression of the fair is positive. “GIFTS EXPO” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” was excellent! Among the visitors there are many experts and professionals, who came to the fair with particular purpose and missions. The specialists come from all over regions of Russian Federation and also there were many producers from foreign countries.

    PONYGLASS, a manufacturer of clocks
    Kovalev I. L. - director:

    - The organization of “GIFTS EXPO” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” was at a high level. Our booth was visited by 70% of specialists from Moscow and 30% from the regions. Wide assortment of products, exclusive and design as well as cheap was presented at the fair.


    Kazuei Ooguchi – official representative of the Association:

    - The purpose of our participation on the fair is to attract Russian buyers. For us is very important location of the fair in the heart of Russia, in the center of Moscow. We participate at the fair for the second time. Also very important that exhibition is international. There are many visitors and I’m sure that the fair will bring results!

    Jeani Wong – senior manager of the development department:

    - We believe that Russian market is very perspective, that’s why we regular brings the delegation of Hong Kong at “GIFTS EXPO” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO”. This is one of the ways to enter a new market, we are looking for importers and wholesalers. Some of members of the Association take part at the fair for second time. It means that previous fair was effective for them. I’m not for the first time at “GIFTS EXPO” – “HOUSEWARE EXPO” and I like it! I’m confidence about the future!

    Adi Suryanto – trade attache of Republic of Indonesia in the Russian Federation:

    - Traditionally we participate in “GIFTS EXPO” to promote all products of Indonesia in the Russian market. It’s a wide assortment of gifts and souvenirs, interior items. We also present items made of wood, reptile leather and other natural materials. Also at the fair we have opportunity to promote Indonesia as a very interesting and perspective tourist direction.

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