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  • "HOUSEWARE EXPO. SPRING 2011" exhibitors' comments

    BOHEMIA. RU, wholesale tableware high quality
    Korol P. A., commercial director:

    "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" was excellent. We have a positive impression. This is good business platform. Organizers made a good work. Despite spring season, there were a lot of exhibitors and a vast visitors. We will participate in autumn exhibition. Keep it up!

    ANTARES GROUP, non-stick tableware
    Zimnevich A. L., marketing director:

    - We liked "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". First of all, it's held at the exclusive exhibition complex "MANEZH". It is very expensive ground, but the price for participation is low. There is convenient location with 6 metro stations around. There is always good organization and many visitors from different industries. My wish to the organizers to send more invitations to the experts. Good luck!

    IYROSLAVSKII LEN, linen sheets, tableware, towels
    Abdurakhmanova A.:

    - We really liked the exhibition. We have good results, a lot of contacts with wholesalers, representatives of trading networks. We will participate in autumn "GIFTS EXPO".

    CYBER CLEAN, distributors of cleansers "Cyber Clean"
    Turubarov V.V.:

    - Exhibition is good. Exhibitors are professionals of industry. Goods are high quality. "MANEZH" Exhibition Complex is the exclusive ground with modern technology. This is a very effective exhibition, because of a lot of professional contacts, a wide range of specialists and geography of visitors. There was good organization. Special thanks to Evgenia Rusalkinoy.

    DICTUM- ART, glass holders, textiles, souvenirs
    Lebedeva A., manager:

    - We liked the exhibition. There was the convenient location, a wide variety of goods, many participants, visitors and many new contacts. The results of the exhibition are good. We surely will take a part in "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

    GONCHAR, traditional tableware and souvenirs
    Komarov A. V.:

    - We have a good impression of "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". There were many visitors, right audience. We will participate in the next exhibition. But we have the request to limit exhibitors to use sound effects.

    GLASS CLOCK, producer of glass wall clocks
    Bereznikov A.M.:

    - I liked the exhibition. It was on a high level. The participants are large companies with goods of quality. Everything was done by the organizers and the administration of "MANEZH" to feel comfortable to participate. Visitors were different: wholesalers, representatives of trading networks, the directors of major retail stores. 60% of them are from Moscow, 35% are from Russian regions and 5% - foreigners. We plan to participate at the next "GIFTS EXPO".

    IMPERIA BOGACHO, manufacturer of high quality furniture & interior items.
    Smirnova V.A., Sales Development Deputy General Manager:

    - The "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011" exhibition demonstrates that the market has formed largely thanks to this exhibition. Concept "producer- supplier - buyer" is working here. Our booth was visited by 80% visitirs from Moscow, 18% - from the regions, and 2% - foreigners. Organizers keep their obligations, give a lot of advertising, holding an exhibition in the most expensive exhibition complexes, but the price of participation are acceptable. The most visited exhibition in the year. We will participate "GIFTS EXPO" in the future.

    EXPEDITION, gifts, souvenirs, goods for recreation and travel
    Kruzhelev D.V., Head of Distribution:

    - Organization of the exhibition is excellent. All goods are expensive, beautiful. There are many visitors: 50% are from Moscow, 50% are from the regions. I will participate in September exhibition.

    GOBELEN ART, gobelin tapestry and pictures:
    - The impression is good, the results are excellent. Visitors are the specialists from all over Russia. We will participate at the next exhibition.

    UNI-G Glass, produce of decorative glass
    Kobets I.K.:

    - The exhibition is interesting for participants as well as for visitors. 90% of visitors are from the regions.

    SOVREMENNIE TECHNOLOGII , metal ornamental flowerpot
    Skryabin V. I., manager:

    - We are satisfied with the participation in the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". Exhibitors are big companies, professionals of industry. The exhibition demonstrates the latest trends, new goods. The exhibition demonstrates the direction of business development for the year. The visitors are right audience, which know why they came and for what. Here there are commercial negotiations and exchange of professional information. This is very useful exhibition, and this year was much better than past. We will participate at September exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2011".

    CRYSTAL ART, paintings, interior goods
    Dobrova I. L., director of sales:

    - We have a positive impression of the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2011". Admit the high level of organization. Participants presented high-quality, beautiful products. Visitors are customers from all over Russia and CIS countries, foreigners. We will participate at the next exhibition on the 20th - 23th of September.

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