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  • We present to your attention exhibitors’ comments of the International Specialized Exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2018” - “GIFTS EXPO” – “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” – “MOSCOW CLOCK AND WATCH” which successfully held 18 - 20 of September 2018 in Moscow, “GOSTINY DVOR” exhibition complex. Impressions and suggestions of some of them are available in the section “EXHIBITORS’ REVIEWS”.


    Ulyankina Anna Borisovna SP, manufacturer, wholesale and retail trade of ceramics, hand-made soap and watches

    - The exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2018” - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” was held at the great level. Good impressions! Beautiful and spacious exhibition complex, convenient location in the center of Moscow and a lot of visitors. Among the specialists, visited our booth, most (70%) are from the regions of Russia. We like everything! We hope for further cooperation!

    LEFORTOVSKIJ FARFOR, manufacturer of porcelain damasks, crockery, souvenirs, Christmas decorations
    Moskal` Vlada Evgenevna – manager:

    - That’s not our first participation in this exhibition and we are always satisfied with the results! We plan to participate in the future too!

    NIKOLO-SOL'BINSKIJ ZHENSKIJ MONASTYR', manufacturer of ceramic crockery, souvenirs and hand-made soap
    m. Evpraksiya:

    - The representatives of different wholesale companies from Moscow and big cities of Russia visited our booth. The organization was very professional; there were a lot of new participants and visitors. The organizers make big advertising campaign. We liked everything!

    KAMZIK.SHOP, manufacturer, retail trade of glass products with author`s engraving
    Andreeva Soviya Nikolaevna:

    - Everything was high-leveled! There were a lot of professionals and specialists, not so many individuals and that’s good. The exhibition really justifies its status of the leading exhibition business-space. 90% of all visitors are the representatives of region companies, who know about this exhibition and always visit it to find new companies and products.


    BRAV, distribution of gifts and interior items
    Gerez Evgeniy Viktorovich – CEO:

    - Our company is a permanent participant of the exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2018” . For many years the exhibition has a high level of organization and maintains the status of one of the most effective business-events. The Russian specialists visited this exhibition and about 50% of them are new ones, who visited it for the first time. We will continue participating in this exhibition.

    VYATKŔ TSENTR NŔRODNYKH PROMYSLOV I REMESEL, manufacturer of folk art and crafts Koposova N.P. – director
    - Our company is a permanent participant of this exhibition. We like the exhibition accessibility for visitors and the general level of organization. At the exhibition there were interesting visitors for us: 70% - the representatives of specialized salons and shops from Moscow and regions. From this moment we will always among participants!

    STEP MOSCOW, manufacture and wholesale trade of ceramics
    Stepanov A. – CEO:

    - Great exhibition! We will surely participate in spring project. There were a lot of visitors from Moscow and other cities of Russia. We were pleaseâ about the professional level of the visitors. There were a lot of purchasers and the representatives of stores.

    MTM WOOD LTD, manufacture and retail trade of end cutting board, interior items
    Baranova Svetlana – the project manager:

    - The exhibition was really amazing! There were a lot of companies with a great variety of products. I`m impressed!

    KRYMSKIJ CENTR NARODNYH HUDOZHESTVENNYH PROMYSLOV I REMYOSEL ANO, manufacture of Crimean producers of folk arts and crafts, hand-made items
    Ermolenko Pavel Alexandrovich, director:

    - That was our first participation in this exhibition and the result pleased us. Great amount of wholesalers and the diversity of products cannot leave anyone unpleased. We hope that we will come back to Moscow to “GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2019”.

    “Brig+ company” LTD, manufacture, wholesale trade of souvenirs: watch, wooden barometers and hydrometers
    Grednev A.A. – director:

    - Amazing exhibition! The visitors were very different: the professionals of the industry, end customers, wholesalers. The exhibition attracts with its fascinating thematic variety! Among the participants there were not only companies with expensive luxury products but also companies with inexpensive corporate gifts and promo-products. This autumn a lot of representatives of Moscow companies came to the exhibition. We will participate in spring exhibition for sure!

    VYATSKY SOUVENIR CJSC, Nolinsk city, manufacture of souvenirs (matryoshka, boxes, vases, cutting boards, Christmas/New Year souvenirs)
    Igumnov Nikolay Nikolaevich – chief engineer:

    - “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2018” is a really famous b2b-event in the gift and souvenir industry, that`s why a lot of professionals of this industry visited it. The exhibition met all expectations! The visitors were different; a lot of wholesalers and corporate customers were there. The preparations and organization were on the high level. It was such a pleasure to work there! Thank you!

    BUBNOV I. A. SP / LARES & PENATES, manufacture of interior light:
    Bubnov Ilya – the owner:

    - The autumn exhibition was good. All leading companies, a lot of visitors, who are interested in cooperation, were there. We are sure that the spring exhibition will also be so high-leveled!

    BYKOV SERGEJ ALEKSANDROVICH SP, importer, wholesale trade of items for art
    Bykova Maria Alexandrovna:

    - Thank you so much to organizers! We were happy to join the project! The exhibition was just great! Keep it up!

    BAREL’EF LTD, manufacturer of souvenirs, gifts, garden figures
    Prozvan Vladimir Nikolaevich:

    - The exhibition was great! We want to note the high-level organization. We noticed the interest to our company, the visitors liked our presented products. The specialists came there from all parts of Russia. Our goal of calling in new clients was successfully achieved.

    “Health technologies” LTD, manufacture, wholesale trade of products for kids, products for health, for beauty, for sport, for home and kitchen, cosmetics from the Dead sea
    BrykovaYulia Leonidovna – department head:

    - The exhibition was well-organized; the following questions were solved fast and professional. More than 80% of visitors of our booth were the representatives of regional companies which came to Moscow for new products. I`m sure that the exhibition project will be held at the same decent level!

    ANKOR/ KARTINY IZ KOZHI/ ANDREJ KOROBEJNIKOV, painter, leather paintings
    Korobeynikov Andrey:

    - High-leveled organization. Among visitors there were equally both Moscow and regional companies, and the general geography of visitors is very wide – practically whole Russia. The professional level of the audience is really different.

    STAT-OFIS LTD, the decor manufacturer
    Bosenko A.M. – manager:

    - The exhibition was held perfectly! Beautiful venue, high attendance, the presence of great amount of representatives of both large and medium companies of gift business. Professional level of visitors was absolutely different but wherein most of them came on business in search of new partners.

    ZHOSTOVSKAYA FABRIKA DEKORATIVNOJ ROSPISI, manufacture of painted metal lacquered trays
    A.A. Prokina – commercial director:

    - The exhibition was successful. A lot of product delivery orders were made at our booth. The participation in the exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2018” is a really effective way to promote the production and to search for new clients. Everything is perfect! Wish the organizers further success!

    Masterskaya ot Melnikovykh, wholesale manufacturer, importer, retail trade of cedar products, hand-made carved candles
    Melnikov Alexander Anatolevich:

    - We really liked the exhibition! Perfect organization, a lot of visitors, convenient venue. We will surely participate in next exhibitions.

    SIMFONIYA GARMONII / MOZHEGOVŔ G. I., manufacture, wholesale trade of wood carved sculptures
    Stupkin Igor Genadevich – director:

    - The exhibition was held great, we liked everything! There were presented a high level of exported products. More than 60% of visitors came from the regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We are also planning to participate in spring exhibition.

    Souvenir LTD, manufacturer, wholesale trade of wood products
    Dmitry Evgenevich – manager:

    - The exhibition left us just positive emotions. There were a lot of (more than 80%) visitors from other regions of Russia. The specialists came to find new contacts. Hope that soon we will get new orders and sign contracts with new clients.

    DILIZHANS, importer, distributor of jewelry and watch boxes, lamps
    Lev Maryakhin:

    - Excellent organization of the exhibition. Everything was clear, professional and harmonized, all organizational questions were solved fast and professional. We liked the exhibition and we will participate in the future!

    AROMOVAZA, manufacturer, wholesale and retail trade of aromavaza and decor, gifts
    Titov Andrey Viktorovich:

    - We really liked the exhibition! A lot of visitors (more than 90%) were from the regions of the Russian Federation. The professional level is really varies. The exhibition is big and a lot of exhibitors were with various products. The venue was very beautiful and spacious, and that was a pleasure to work there!

    Iz ruk mastera, manufacturer of interior toys (TOLMATSKAYA EVGENIYA VAYCHESLAVOVNA SP)
    Tolmactkaya Evgenia Vyacheslavovna:

    - The exhibition was held very well. There were a lot of visitors-professionals, participants with interesting and exclusive products. The exhibition complex, which creates holiday mood and promotes business communication at the same time, is very beautiful and spacious. The location is very good, it`s very easy to get there from any part of the city, and it helps to increase the level of possibility. We will participate in next exhibition.

    ANUK-ART LTD, manufacturer, wholesale trade of interior and decor items
    Nikulina Olga Alekseevna:

    - The exhibition was high-leveled. There were the representatives of large trade franchises and also smaller wholesale customers. The exhibition differs in beauty and variety of presented products and participants` booths. The venue is very convenient and as it situated in the heart of the city, it`s easy to get there.

    BOGACHO, manufacture of the interior items, statuettes, exclusive toys
    Anastasia Piyanzova – designer:

    - Great exhibition. From year to year it maintains high professional level. There are always a lot of visitors-specialists who are interested in searching of new partners and new products. Everything is good!

    GREATEST GIFTS LTD, wholesale and retrial trade of statuettes, toys, dishes
    Chistobaev Alexander Vasilevich:

    - The organization was high-leveled! A lot of participants with various types of products, certainly, attract attention of specialists of different areas. Our booth was visited by both wholesalers and corporate customers, advertising agencies, networkers. We are planning to participate in next exhibition.


    Shaposhnikova Olga Petrovna – manager:

    - The exhibition was held perfectly! We are glad that the leading representatives of the Christmas decoration market are consolidated in one place. The exhibition “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” has the leading position in this segment.

    AVENTO COMPANY LTD, wholesale trade of Christmas products
    Gotovtceva Natalya Ivanovna – CEO:

    - Our company is a permanent participant of the “GIFTS EXPO” - “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” project. We like this exhibition, there are a lot of participants with various products and professional visitors. We will certainly participate in the exhibition in September.

    RUS-ELKA, manufacture, wholesale and retail trade of artificial spruces, needles products
    Markaryan Arthur Robertovich – CEO:

    - Our company is a permanent participant of the “GIFTS EXPO” project. We are happy that Christmas theme stood out in a separate exhibition “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” , which is an effective place to meet potential customers. We are planning to participate in the future.

    Tsukanova Irina Valer’evna:

    - The exhibition was great! We were glad to see the professional level of Russian specialists, who came there from all other the country and regions. We wish the further development and hope for further cooperation.

    ELKADE, manufacturer of artificial spruces
    Khonchenko Yulia Nikolaevna – CEO:

    - The exhibition was good! There were a lot of visitors, and what is more 70% of them were from regions. The level of visitors is very high. The specialists come with concrete goals and intentions in search of new products and providers. Good luck to the organizers!

    KARLSBACH ST.PETERSBURG, manufacturer, importer, wholesale trade of Christmas products, Christmas trees, lights, interior items, artificial flowers, souvenirs
    Karlep Ya.:

    - At the exhibition we presented exclusive collection of high quality, which attracted a lot of Moscow and regional visitors. Convenient location of exhibition complex, advertising campaign, and professional organization – all of these promote high level of the event. We have positive impression about this exhibition. We are planning to participate again!

    Foreign participants

    SUDHA INDIA (India), manufacturer of houseware
    Varun Mehta:

    - The exhibition was high-leveled. A lot of specialists from different regions of Russia and abroad came there and there were able to find a lot of new contacts and interesting offers. We have just positive emotions about this exhibition!

    I'AM ROSES (Thailand), manufacturer, wholesale trade of flowers and pressed mulberry paper components
    Bunma Chaengnoi - Director:

    - That was our first exhibition outside the country and we had a very good feedback on our production. Exhibition was very well organized with great customer service team behind.

    ROLIIMPEX (India), manufacture of furniture, houseware
    Kumar Singhal:

    - The exhibition was great! We noted high professional level of both visitors and the organizers themselves. Our booth was visited by specialists of different area from Moscow and other cities of Russia. We will certainly participate in next exhibitions. Wish the organizers luck and good mood!

    LUCKY CANDLES (Hong Kong), houseware, gifts
    - We presented our products at the exhibition “HOUSEWARE EXPO” for the first time. We really likes the exhibition! Modern exhibition complex, a lot of participants, broad subjects – all these points attract visitors. We are planning to participate again in 2019.

    Sudha India
    Shamanina Viktoria Olegovna

    - Good exhibition, a lot of participants with interesting and qualitative products, high attendance, beautiful and modern exhibition complex… We liked absolutely everything! Good luck!

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