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  • We present to your attention exhibitors’ comments of the International Specialized Exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO. SPRING 2017” - “GIFTS EXPO” – “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” – “MOSCOW CLOCK AND WATCH” which successfully passed from 14 to 17 March 2017 in Moscow, in the “GOSTINY DVOR” exhibition complex. Impressions and suggestions of some of them are available in the section “EXHIBITORS’ REVIEWS”.


    COTE TABLE SAS - presents the classic French style, exclusive collections of tableware, home decorations, textiles, furniture, lighting, decorative elements and accessories for the bedroom and bathroom.
    Victoria, Company’s representative:
    We like the exhibition very much, we participate in this exhibition in Spring and Autumn, the funds invested in the exhibition paid off several times. A lot of customers are visitors from Russia, CIS and foreign countries. From the professional point of view, the level of visitors is quite high. Our booth was visited by representatives of capital companies - 50%, from Russia, CIS and foreign countries - 50%. We plan to participate in Autumn. We wish the Organizers to continue maintaining the same level of the exhibition in future.

    KARNA HOME TEXTILE (Turkey) - Home Textiles
    Penes Marina, Sales Manager:
    Very favorable impression about the «HOUSEWARE EXPO» exhibition, there were many contacts and effective acquaintances. Professional level of visitors is high enough, percentage of specialists from Moscow and regions is 50/50. Most likely, we will participate in the Autumn exhibition «HOUSEWARE EXPO» , Moscow, “Gostiny Dvor” Exhibition Complex.

    BORNER EAST is the representative office of German factory “BÎRNER GmbH” of kitchen utensils manufacture.
    Samarina Tamara Vladimirovna, Commercial Director:
    The exhibition was successful, we acquired new customers. The aim of the participation in the exhibition - maintaining the image of the company – met our hopes. The professional level of visitors of the exhibition corresponds to the level of business. The geography of visitors is the whole Russia. Purchasing managers from regions come especially for the exhibition, because the main suppliers are gathered there under one roof. It is very convenient! We plan to take part in the autumn exhibition. We wish all the best to the organizers!

    ZEPTER International - the international company that manufactures and sells exclusive and high-quality products for health, beauty and style.
    Tikhomirova Elena, Marketing Manager:
    Excellent organization, good selection of participants, comfortable work at the exhibition, attentive staff service, professional approach of managers. Visitors at the exhibition are different - from corporate clients to owners of serious business, in a percentage terms 60% were from Moscow, 40% - from regions. We wish the organizers all the best!

    “Domanta” - distributor of beautiful dishes.
    Lisnenko A., Development Manager:
    Good information support and organization of the exhibition. A fairly high level of visitors. The organizers worked well with regional representatives. 60% of visitors were from Moscow, 40% were from regions of Russia. We will definitely participate in the next exhibition «HOUSEWARE EXPO» .

    “Quality of Life Technologies” is an exclusive supplier of mini devices for home cosmetology, aroma diffusers, air humidifiers and massage devices for the body of TM “Pango” Anna Tokar, Marketing Director:
    «HOUSEWARE EXPO» exhibition made a pleasant impression on us. High professional level of visitors, most of them came specifically to the exhibition from the regions: Siberia, Krasnodarsky Krai, St. Petersburg. We wish the organizers to attract such a large number of regional visitors in the future!


    AIM (Art Industrial Manufactory) - manufacturers, wholesale trade of interior items, souvenirs.
    Larin Evgeniy Arkadevich, Director:
    I liked the exhibition. We want to note the high-level organization and remarkable composition of the participants. The Organizing Committee managed to collect a large number of large companies with products of the "luxury" rank at the exhibition and a huge number of "high-quality" visitors: customer service managers, companies’ directors, directors of the advertising companies, dealers, representatives of wholesale companies, stores, salons, department stores. The booth was visited by 30% of visitors from Moscow and 70% of visitors from Russian regions. We wish you success, patience and good luck! We will definitely take part in the exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2017” in the “Gostiny Dvor” Exhibition Complex.

    BRIZHOME - wholesale trade of souvenirs, interior items and decor.
    Beirutov S.V., Director:
    The exhibition was organized professionally. Clear coordination, good advertising. Therefore, attendance is high; almost 80% of visitors came from regions of Russia and CIS countries. Thanks to the new contacts, we already had interesting offers and orders. We will definitely participate in the next project “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2017”.

    “Zvezda” Clock Factory - manufacture of interior clocks.
    Labazova Natalia Vasilievna, Head of Sales Department:
    The impression of the exhibition is good. High level of organization of the exhibition and excellent level of visitors. Most of the important for us customers rely on your exhibition. Customers came from Russian regions, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The exhibition helps to find an access to other regions of Russia and the CIS countries. Participation in the exhibition was worth doing. We have already contacted the organizers about participation in the exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2017”.

    POLYSTONE FACTORY - the manufacturer of a decor for a garden, products from ceramics and glass.
    Chuverin Andrey Igorevich, Manager:
    The exhibition was held at a good level, the service for exhibitors (coffee, water) was taken into account. An atmosphere of benevolent partnership was created. As for the visitors, the result surpassed our expectations. Visitors gladly made contacts. Moscow and Moscow region - 70%. Regions: St. Petersburg - 20%, North-East of Russia - 5%, South of Russia - 5%. We participated at the exhibition not for the first time; we believe that everything was done at the highest level.

    “Umo trade” - manufacturer of cup holders.
    Boyarnikova Olga, Sales Manager:
    “GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2017” exhibition left the best impressions. The variety of salons and additional exhibition opportunities within the exhibition allows exhibitors to demonstrate their products most effectively. Visitors from Moscow - 40%, from regions - 70%. We will take part in the exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2017”.

    Nonprofit partnership “Armourers Masters Guild” - engraving, weapons, tableware made of jade, author's works.
    Mukomolova Svetlana Anatolievna, Director:
    Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition for the good design and advertising. We got the best impressions from the “GIFTS EXPO” exhibition. We want to note the high professional level of the visitors of the exhibition. The geography of customers is very wide - from Yakutia to Germany, Great Britain. We plan to take part in the Autumn exhibition.

    “Pazirik” - tableware, carpets, interior items and much more.
    Purkhakmat Hamid Reza Ibrahim, Director:
    Congratulations on the successful holding of the exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. SPRING 2017” . We want to note the high professional level of the exhibition, thanks to which we have opened new business opportunities in the continuously growing market of gifts.

    “Karlsbach” - gifts, interior items, Christmas and festive products.
    Karlep Yuri, General Director:
    The exhibition is well prepared and organized. Impression is good, no complaints. Got what we expected. Thank you!
    A large number of visitors - potential customers. The booth was visited by 90% of non-residents and 10% of Moscow citizens. It's nice that the organizers held a wide advertising campaign to attract customers for the exhibition participants.
    We plan to participate in the exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS. AUTUMN 2017” in the “Gostiny Dvor” Exhibition Complex.

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