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  • We offer you to get acquainted with comments of participants of the international exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2016” - “GIFTS EXPO” – “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” - "MOSCOW CLOCK AND WATCH" which was successfully held on 20 - 23 September 2016, GOSTINY DVOR Exhibition Complex, Moscow. Impressions and suggestions of exhibitors please find in section «feedback from participants».


    Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan.
    Mr. Majeed Sanjar – international marketing manager.

    EPAA Agency represents handmade carpets on “HOUSEWARE EXPO” for the first time. The Russian market is very perspective for Afghanistan. During Autumn 2016 “HOUSEWARE EXPO” we received a lot of orders and signed business contracts for the supply of products to Russia. We plan to take part in “HOUSEWARE EXPO” next year.

    BORNER EAST - wholesale company, supplier of knives and kitchen accessories.
    Samarina Tamara Vladimirovna - commercial director:

    We are pleased with the level of exhibition organization. There were a lot of wholesalers and purchasing managers among trade visitors.

    LuxArt - wholesale and retail of products from glass, crystal and porcelain.
    Ryabchenko Tatiana - senior manager:

    We participate in "GIFTS EXPO" exhibition twice a year and every time we find new customers. Professional level of visitors is quite high, big advantage of this exhibition is that it is focused both on wholesale and retail customers. We are grateful to organizers for such a wonderful job.

    Artishok Decor - wholesale home furnishings.
    Stefansky Stanislav Valer'evich - CEO:

    Exhibition is large, there are many participants, a huge range of products of different quality and price category. At the exhibition we met with new customers who are interested in further cooperation with us. We cooperate with "GIFTS EXPO" - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” exhibition quite successfully for five years now. We take part in exhibition twice a year, in spring and autumn. Every time our booth is visited both by long-term partners and new customers, we always get new contacts. We are very pleased that such an effective exhibition promotes development of our business. Participation in "GIFTS EXPO" - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” exhibition helps all participants of the exhibition project to achieve positive results.

    Ethnic Chic - wholesale company makes regular direct deliveries of interior decorations, furniture, textiles and exclusive jewelry from India.
    Belyaeva Lyudmila Nikolaevna - director:

    Our company has been a regular participant of "GIFTS EXPO" - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” exhibition since 2003. During many years of participation at the exhibition, we found new customers and large wholesalers. Over the years exhibition maintains an excellent professional level, lots of visitors come from regions, foreign countries, Moscow. We are pleased to continue participating in the project!

    Moradabad Handicraft of India.
    Mr. Najmul Islam –supervisor:

    Our company Moradabad employs 300 craftsmen. We have been participating in the exhibition "GIFTS EXPO" - “HOUSEWARE EXPO” for 10 years now. This is a very good platform for cooperation of Indian exporters with Russian buyers and importers.
    Large customers of presents, souvenirs, handicrafts, exterior and interior furniture come to this exhibition. Works of Indian craftsmen always aroused interest among Russian customers. Big National exposition from India is organized on this exhibition – 35 companies are participating.


    National Handicrafts & Handloom (Craft) Museum & Office of DS (Handicrafts).
    Mr. Sohan – senior director of the Ministry of Textile Industry of India:

    "GIFTS EXPO" exhibition presents five important handicrafts from all over India. On our stands you can find paintings, jewelry, textiles and furnishing. Indian handicrafts are unique. All Indian handicraft presents innovative design. The government of India helps exporters to promote their crafts.

    Gorod Podarkov workshop - manufacture and wholesale of souvenirs.
    Razdomina Nina Anatolyevna - director:

    We have a good overall impression about exhibition. Friendly organizers, beautiful "Gostiny Dvor" exhibition hall, easy access to the fairground.

    Brav - importer of gifts and interior items.
    Gerez Evgeniy Viktorovich - CEO:

    Our company is a regular participant of "GIFTS EXPO" exhibition. During this time of participation at "GIFTS EXPO" we got many partners from different parts of Russia. "GIFTS EXPO" gives us an opportunity to meet new customers and to develop.

    Nicolas Thibault - production of corporate gastronomic gifts.
    Kiryuhin Sergey Vladimirovich - development director:

    There were a lot of the leading companies with a wide range of products at the "GIFTS EXPO" AUTUMN 2016" exhibition. Our main customers are corporate clients, banks, large corporations, which we could see at the exhibition.

    Gallery of contemporary art: painting, graphic, illustration.
    Shazina Agrba - director:

    Our company is always glad to cooperate with the exhibition, it`s a pleasure to work with professionals. "Gostiny Dvor" exhibition complex is a wonderful place, exhibition theme is relevant, because New Year is coming soon. We are very pleased that organizers treat participants of the exhibition with special understanding. Level of visitors differs, but we were able to find buyers and we look forward to conclude new contracts soon.

    Golden Life – manufacture and sale of cups, medals, figurines.
    Piero Bottocchio - sales director:

    I’m a sales director of Italian company. For 40 years we manufacture cups and high-level prizes. We produce personalized trophies by request. Products of our company are presented on various markets. We decided to take part in "GIFTS EXPO" as we believe that Russian market is suitable for our cups and trophies. Here we met good customers who rated the quality of our products and also we met our old customers and got a lot of new ones. The exhibition was very productive for us we got a large number of orders. We are fully satisfied with this exhibition.


    "Vitus" TH - wholesale handmade Christmas tree toys.
    Chuhnenko Zhanna Vasilievna - CEO:

    We were glad to present new collection of Christmas decorations at the exhibition "CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS", GOSTINY DVOR Exhibition Complex. There were a large number of new contacts; especially we are pleased with the fact that more than half of them are representatives of regions - 60%. We were visited by our regular customers as well.

    Karlsbah - wholesale Christmas decorations and interior items.
    Irina Komarova - director of Moscow Karlsbah representative office:

    Our company participates in the exhibition "CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS" GOSTINY DVOR Exhibition Complex twice a year – both in spring and autumn. Every year we increase our booth area. We are pleased with participation, our booth is visited by our regular customers and each time we find new customers that are aimed at fruitful and long-term cooperation.

    Grange / Cadeaux De No¸l - retail and wholesale of Christmas decorations.
    Kazak Anna - manager of the wholesale department:

    We participate at "CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS" for five years and each time we find new clients. Good job! Exhibition is interesting and well organized, has lot of visitors: 50% are from Moscow, 50% - from regions.

    Max Christmas - manufacture of artificial Christmas firs, wholesale and retail. Falgarov Andrey - development director: Exhibition is big; there are many exhibitors with different products. Very nice and spacious exhibition hall, it`s so nice to work here! At the exhibition we find new clients and customers from different regions of Russia. Rus-Elka – production, wholesale and retail of artificial Christmas trees.
    Markaryan Aleksandr - commercial director:

    Our company is a constant participant of "CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS" exhibition in GOSTINY DVOR Exhibition Complex. "CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS" holds the leading position among trade fairs of this segment. Exhibition reflects trends and directions of industry development and attracts main players of Christmas products market.

    Richy R Studio - production of New Year's baubles.
    Margarita Chuprina - CEO:

    Extraordinarily beautiful exhibition: hall, booths, products. Everything is decorated with a good taste. Exhibitors are major industry leaders. We express our gratitude to exhibition organizers for qualitative organization of his event and we look forward to exhibition results.

    Loreley Decor - manufacturer of Christmas and holiday accessories.
    Popova Lyudmila Olegovna - CEO:

    Exhibition is a large scaled event with impressive list of exhibitors. Most of them can be classified as "luxury" companies. Visitors are mainly aimed at establishing contacts.

    Private Entrepreneur Radchenko.
    Gromova Victoria – exhibition visitor, wholesaler for Arti-M Company:

    I’m the customer of the Arti-M company. "GIFTS EXPO" - "CHRISTMAS AND FESTIVE DECORATIONS" gathered large number of manufactures throughout Russia. This exhibition defines by a large variety of themes, a lot of gifts, souvenirs, household goods, kitchenware and a lot more are presented here.


    Clock factory Salyut - production of wall clocks and alarm clocks.
    Nechay Yuri - director of development:

    Exhibition was very successful, we met with old partners and new customers who were able to see our products and appreciate their quality. We were pleased with the level of exhibition organization. There were a lot of wholesalers and stores directors among the visitors.

    EVK Group - wholesale interior table and wall clocks.
    Kibisov Vladimir - leading manager:

    We have a positive impression of exhibition organization: on-time construction and cleaning, bright decor. Visitors of different levels: 60% - Moscow, 40% - regions.

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