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Press-release of the exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO” - “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2020” - “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” - “MOSCOW CLOCK & WATCH”.

Ladies and gentlemen!

We invite you to visit the 34th international exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO” - “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2020” - “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” - “MOSCOW CLOCK & WATCH” which will be held 21-24 of September 2020 in Moscow, in the exhibition center “Gostiny dvor”.

In the joint exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO. AUTUMN 2020” more than 400 Russian and foreign companies from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China will present the newest products from all over the world in a joint exhibition project.
Collective expositions of manufacturers from Saratov, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Irkutsk, Tver, Ryazan, Kostroma, Tula, Vladimir, Tomsk, Kaliningrad and Moscow regions, the Republic of Komi, the Republic of Dagestan, the Republic of Karelia and the Republic of Crimea are organized at the exhibition project.

Exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO” - “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2020” - “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” - “MOSCOW CLOCK & WATCH” defines new trends, the direction of development of the industry.

The concept of the exhibition project is to establish direct contacts between manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and customers of products.

Exhibition project gives a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of products in a short period of time. The exhibition will present new collections of gift and souvenir products, interior items, dishes and table decor, Christmas products, games and toys, fashion jewelry and accessories from leading companies in the industry. Exclusive handmade products will be widely presented.

At the exhibition "HOUSEWARE EXPO" will be presented a wide range of dishes made of ceramics, metal, plastic and other materials, tableware, dinner sets, kitchen products, HoReCa, home textiles, bathroom and toilet products, small household appliances, lighting and much more.

The salon "GIFTS & INTERIOR DECORATION" presents the entire variety of products: souvenirs from around the world, gifts and souvenirs for interior decoration, decorative products from ceramics, glass, porcelain, silver, bronze, leather, wood, textiles and other materials, interior items in retro style, ethnic decor items, vases, figurines, souvenir weapons, caskets, decorative furniture, watches, phytodesign, paintings, art reproductions, posters, tapestries, handmade carpets, light decoration, fireplaces, statues, figures for the garden, decor knights and armor, art forging, eco-gifts (natural cosmetics, handmade soaps, home decoration and decor from natural and environmentally friendly materials), gastronomic gifts (fruit and chocolate bouquets, fountains, alcoholic, coffee and tea sets), hand-made gifts and souvenirs, hobby kits and much more.

At the “GIFTS EXPO” exhibition, the “TABLEWARE AND DINING DECOR” salon presents an assortment of exclusive dishes, tableware and table decorations: glass, crystal, porcelain, silver, tin dishes, cutlery, tea, coffee, dinner sets, kitchenware, table decor , home textiles and more.

At the "CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS" exhibition, leading manufacturers and suppliers will present a wide range of Christmas and festive products: artificial Christmas trees, Christmas tree decorations, interior and shop window decorations, carnival costumes and accessories, pyrotechnics, lighting (electric garlands and illuminations) , dishes and table decor, a symbol of the year in the form of figures and toys, services of holiday agencies and more.

At the “MOSCOW CLOCK & WATCH” exhibition leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers present a variety of products: wall, table, fireplace, floor, cuckoo clocks, electronic, mechanical, quartz, women's and men's classic watches, jewelry, sports and pocket watches.

Lists of companies with a description of their activities and products are on the website in the "Visitors" section.

The exhibition project “HOUSEWARE EXPO” is held with the support of the Government of Moscow.

The exhibition is a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Gifts, Crockery and Jewelry.

More information about the exhibition project can be found on the website www.gifts-expo.com and www.houseware-expo.com

Phone: +7 (495) 729-31-38, 972-48-31

See you at the main project of the industry “HOUSEWARE EXPO” - “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2020” - “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” - “MOSCOW CLOCK & WATCH” which will be held on 21-24 of September 2020 in Moscow, in the exhibition center “GOSTINY DVOR”!

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